Your chance to become a Racing Driver with a fully funded season in UK Motorsport

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Competition close date will be Sunday January the 31st 2021
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Win a fully funded season racing in a UK Motorsport Championship.

We are the ONLY company you can win this prize with. We are committed to being better than the rest, giving real chances to win “Once in a lifetime” prizes…

A unique and unbelievable chance to live out your Motorsport fantasies by Race-Line Competitions.
Compete in a 2021 Racing Championship, everything you need is included for the winner.

The only place you can win the experience of becoming a Racing Car Driver and experience the thrill of professional Motorsport! For only £19.97 per entry.

We have partnered with Finsport, one of the best teams in the grass roots UK Motorsport scene to deliver this prize. Under expert guidance by Jay Finlay, Finsports owner, you will race the 2021 season (usually 6 races across April to October, one race per month or so) in the Finsport Ford Fiesta.

Finsport have many championship wins under their belt so you can be assured your in excellent hands.
Race-Line Competitions will be at every race with you, cheering you on and documenting your journey on our site and social pages.

The Prize:
⦁ All aspects of this prize will be included, the gear, the car, the training, the race licence, the excitement….the Glory!

⦁ Full set of new FIA approved race-wear. Fire proof racing suit, gloves and boots. An FIA approved Motorsport Helmet and also an FIA approved Hans Device. These are yours to keep forever.

⦁ 2 full days 1 to 1 tuition from a professional driver who will teach you race craft and the skills to get behind the wheel of a real racing car in a live race! Whether you’re a beginner or a track day veteran, the expert will help you learn more than you thought imaginable, making you a confident and steady track driver and get you ready for your upcoming race debut.

⦁ Full ARDS test at an MSV track in the UK (all forms/entry fees/costs to attend are covered within your prize*) training pack from MSA and training provided to help you pass (its not a difficult test, in consists of a questionnaire regarding race flags and a short practical on track to make sure your not dangerous behind the wheel).

⦁ Full Season Racing in a UK Championship which consists of a minimum of 6 races, usually starting in April and running until October

⦁ All race entry fees

⦁ Each race day consists of 1x 25 minute qualifying session and then a 45 minute race, if you have never raced before you will find 45 minutes is more than a challenge.

⦁ All race car fuel
⦁ Slick / wet tyres to cover the season
⦁ Brakes and car consumables across the season
⦁ Breakfast and Lunch at each race day
⦁ MSVT membership fees

This is without a doubt the only chance you will ever get to win an entire season racing and experience the world of competitive Motorsport for under twenty quid.

⦁ Only 4101 entries available, unbelievable odds to do something that most of us only dream about.

Enter NOW at the sale price of £19.97 per ticket, once 75% of tickets are sold the discount ends and entry will be full price 

You MUST answer the question correctly.

This competition has 4101 entries in total.

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• The competition is open to anyone over 18 and holding a UK driving licence
The winner must complete a medical as per the UK MSA application process to apply for an MSA National B licence. This consists of completing a medical questionnaire with your doctor, the costs of this will be paid by us for the winner.
• The winner must hold a race licence no later than 26th March 2021, please make sure you can fulfill this deadline and be in possession of this before this date. Failure to do so will forfeit the prize. We will work with you to get the licence as soon as possible after your win. The ARDS test is not difficult, its simply to see that you know the flag signals and are not a danger to other racers when on track.
• All consumables i.e. tyres/brakes/fuel etc will be included in the prize. The race days are arrive & drive, just remember to bring your licence and the set of racewear we will give you as part of your prize.
• The winner agrees that Race-Line Competitions and Finsport own any and all image rights and any images or video takes during an event will be owned fully by Race-Line Competitions and Finsport.
• The training days must be taken in January, February or March 2021.
• The prize does not include your own personal travel to or accommodation at competition or
race events across the season.
• The winner will be required to sign a contract with us to cover the upcoming season, the races all take place on Saturdays or Sundays so please make sure you can be available at the weekends.
• You will be required to sign an indemnity in respect of your on-track activities.