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About Us

Race-Line Competitions is here to shake up the Competition! Prizes you dont see anywhere else and some real "once in a lifetime" experiences up for grabs...

Race-Line Competitions is a new and exciting, skill based competition company.

We have a clear vision of giving you quality over quantity. No endless 99p per ticket hoovers or swimming pools on this site!

We are ran and owned by 2 good friends, one of us is a car racing guy, the other a biker. A great mix of knowledge and passion which means great prizes for you to win.

With your help we aim to be the biggest and best at what we do. We promise you will not be disappointed when you see the lineup of prizes we have for you, many of them were sure you’ve never seen on other prize sites before!

We also request your feedback and any comments you may have, you can “contact us” and have your say.

Good luck to you all, we hope to see you soon when we hand over your prize!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or view the FAQ page.