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How do I enter?

Simply choose which of our prizes you would like to win, choose how many entries you would like and then answer the skill based question. Follow to the cart and complete the payment! Or you can read how to enter for free by CLICKING HERE

Your now in the draw, good luck!

Entry lists for each draw will be posted on our site and also emailed to all players prior to the draw taking place. The draw date and time will be on the email and our social media page so you can tune in and watch live…

If I am a winner how do I collect my prize?

The winners of the prizes will be notified by us by either email or telephone.

Photographic identification will be required to be shown to claim your prize. This is to ensure you are over 18 and a UK resident but also to prevent fraud and multiple account creations.

The nature of the prize will define how it is sent to you (large physical prizes like cars etc we will deliver or can be collected by the winner, cash by bank transfer, smaller prizes by post).

When does the competition close?

Depending on the nature and size of the competition the closing dates will vary. There is a timer on all of the draws for you to keep track. If a competition sells out quick then we will do the winning draw very soon after it has sold out. You will be notified by us if you have placed an entry into a competition of the draw/time via email. 

Each competition will have the details listed for that particular draw.

How is the winner chosen?

Google Random Number Generator. I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with this by now but if not: The Google Random Number Generator will be used live on our page and Facebook. There will be a chance to interact with us via the comments section and the process will be clearly explained during each draw that takes place.