Win £1500 worth of Tyre's for whatever you Race/Drive/Drift/Rally or Road Car

Tyres Tyres Tyres & More Tyres

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Tyre’s Tyre’s Tyre’s & More Tyre’s

A nice little prize of £1500 worth of Tyre’s for your motor.

Be it Racing, Rallying, Karting, Drifting, Hill-climbing, Motorbike rubber or simply new stickies for your road car, this is more than enough to get some top quality shoes for your chariot of choice!

We know how personal tyre choice is to the majority of people, hence we wont limit how you choose to spend and on what. Some R88R’s for track days? No problem. Some Trofeo-Pzero’s for a change? No problem. Some Falken Azenis to burn off the back end of your Drift Bus? No problem with that either! New bike tyre’s for your weekend blast up the coast? Yes, thats fine with us also. Totally your choice!

⚫️ We will give you the option of either spending the entire £1500 in one go or if you prefer to, we will open an account with the supplier and you can draw down the tyre’s as and when until you’ve spent the £1500. Your choice. 

⚫️ Any tyre’s you like, its your money to spend.

⚫️ Low ticket amount, as we have always said at Race-Line Competitions, we don’t want to have 20k entries at 2p each, we want you to have a great chance to win with us. 

⚫️  £6.99 per entry, this is a massive return on your entry! Madness but hey, that’s what we do here! 

⚫️  Draw date set for Sunday the 1st of November but when we hit 50% of entries sold (that’s only 214 to hit that target) we will bring forward and draw sooner.  

⚫️  Only 427 entries available

As we said, a nice and simple prize that does what it says on the tin. Tyre’s, Tyre’s, Tyre’s & More Tyre’s…..

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This competition has a maximum number of  427 entries.

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